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Balance Your ENERGY

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Learn Your Ayurvedic Body Type

According to Ayurveda, you are born with a constitution that has been established at conception and remains constant over the course of your lifetime. 

Your natural tendencies are influenced by your physiology, physique, likes and dislikes, tendencies and habits, mental and emotional character, as well as your vulnerabilities toward imbalance and disease.
Understanding your nature will bring you closer to optimal health and greater self-awareness toward choices that are best suited for you.
There are three primary constitution types, also known as Dosha’s;
1. Vata
2. Pitta
3. Kapha
We all have these three natures that are comprised of 5 Elements;  Air, Ether (Space), Fire, Water, and Earth.  However the ratio between the elements will vary with each individual depending on their born nature and any current state imbalances.  
To learn more about your unique Dosha Type take our short Dosha Quiz  


AYURVEDA Health Consultations

Set Your Goals Into Action

Together we will create actionable steps to ensure progress.  Habits are built with consistency over time and we will work together to prioritize each step so that you don't feel overwhelmed but empowered. 

How To Live in Balance

We will take a wholistic approach that will guide you toward uncovering what is best for your body type,  diet, lifestyle, environment and relationships.  Balance is key to increasing energy and fulfillment in life. 

Greater Confidence and Self Love

As you reach new levels of health you will discover aspects of yourself that will surprise you, giving you greater confidence and joy. These new discoveries will lead you to making better choices to serve your higher good.

Personalized Health Report

We’ll provide you with the exact next steps you need for steady, progressive, and sustainable changes.  Your report includes detailed diet and lifestyle recommendations that will allow your body to detox from stressors so that you feel more energized and resilient. 

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Know Thyself It's Elementary

Ayurveda is a conjugation of two Sanskirt words. Ayus meaning life and veda meaning knowledge or science, thus the literal translation is the ‘science or knowledge of life’.


Meet the Founder

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Reset and Restore, guided by Beka, is a community bringing education and solutions for conscious based, healthier living for people, business, and planet. Beka is an accomplished fitness coach, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. 

She believes we ALL have what we need within and when we expand our individual consciousness, we can bring greater harmony to our earth and humanity. Beka has coached 100’s of individuals to accomplish fitness and weight loss goals, professional goals, and personal goals. She has taught her signature AIM Warrior Method to leaders through corporate workshops and community groups for over 7yrs.

Beka is passionate about environmental issues and social enterprise initiatives. She is also a Master’s student of Maharishi AyurVeda & Integrative Medicine and pursuing her PhD. Her most valuable time is spent in meditation, being with those she loves, walks in nature, and sitting beside rivers.

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